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Spring 2022 - Whats the News???

It's unbelievable to think that two years ago COVID19 began to impact our normal lives so intensely and that we are still encountering the affects of the pandemic and our normal routine has changed a lot over the time. Taking time to reflect on what we have all achieved during this testing time is important for our well being.

Here at Therap-Ease we are proud to have developed new services for the local community that will offer more flexibility than we had prior to the pandemic. On line booking can be made for most of our services but the reception team can help with all our services on 0131 447 9990

Our Expert Physio Team can offer Telephone and Virtual Consultations to all corners of the globe- so if you sustain an injury while you are on holiday we can get you on the right road to recovery from day 1. And then see you Face to Face in clinic when you return. Despite being frustrated only being bale to offer virtual services during the first lockdown it has improved our skills to conduct these virtual sessions.

One to One Pilates can also be conducted virtually via our Telehealth links as well as Face to Face in the clinic- giving flexibility again to those who have started travelling more again and those working from home.

Our Massage Therapists offer a variety of types of massage depending on your need- this includes Holistic, Sports, Swedish, Clinical and Deep Tissue techniques. Check out the BIOs of the massage team to see the best fit for your massage. Make sure you let them know your aims for the session you book so it is a individualised session.

Our new gift vouchers can be redeemed for Physiotherapy/Massage/One to One Pilates and can be used for Virtual or Face to Face session.

This month we are excited to announce the addition of Dhugal a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who will be offering acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping. This Holistic Approach can be used for all types of conditions and is a welcome to the Western acupuncture our Physiotherapists provide. Dhugal is a Yoga Master teaching internationally and wellbeing is a top priority for him.

Our Podiatrist offers bespoke orthotics following biomechanics assessment as well as Traditional Chiropody- our feet did a lot of miles in lockdown and need taking care of. Our feet and arches can change with age and pregnancy so getting orthotics revised every couple of years is recommended.

The lighter nights are coming and we are hoping we can open our reception doors soon and that our COVID procedures will ease off. However we are proud that we have managed to remain open the entire time and cannot thank our clients enough for their support and patience during the last 2 years. Take care!!! Jill Kerr x


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