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Do you have knee pain ? - Quick Diagnosis & Treatment by an Expert Physiotherapist

A Physiotherapists speedy and thorough assessment and diagnose your knee pain can quickly get you on the road to recovery and return you to your full normal activity level. Your health and Wellbeing is at the centre of our care and we "Treat you Better"

Is your knee stopping you gardening?

Is your knee pain preventing you doing the things you love eg gardening, running, walking? The onset of knee pain be can sudden and linked to a trauma or incident: gradual linked to a change in activity level or insidious for no known cause to yourself. Let us be the detective and find out what the culprit is.

Our knees can cause us problems in every decade of life from childhood through to our retirement. At each stage it can be debilitating and frustrating. We have experience treating all ages groups with knee pain.

Did you know the knee joint has 24 times our body weight transferred through it with jumping and hopping and that knee pain can be referred from the lower back or hip joints?

Early treatment can prevent prolonged discomfort?

There are multiple structures within the knee including joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendon, cartilage which can give rise to pain and swelling. Knowing the cause of your discomfort means you can start the correct treatment and exercises for recovery to get you back to your normal activity level.

A thorough Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Assessment will clear referral of pain from the lower back and hip and determine the nature or cause of your problem.

Early assessment means you will minimise the time you need for full recovery.

The different diagnoses in the knee require different rehabilitation approaches- this applies to all ages!

General Advice at early stages of Knee Pain

If there has been trauma to your knee and it is swollen, icing it for 10 minutes at time can help to reduce the swelling. If you are unable to weight bear on the knee at onset of injury this is an indicator you may require crutches to help you walk normally and therefore you should attend minor injuries.

Xray is normal if damage to bone is suspected or MRI scan if it is soft tissues.

A single injury to the knee can damage multiple structures. Your Physiotherapist can assess the structures involved with a clinical assessment.

Taking Control of you Knee Pain

Sometimes clients do not come to see a Physiotherapist or Doctor as they fear that all they will be told is to rest or lose weight. This is not the case- we will always ensure you can do the correct rehabilitation for your knee. Complete rest is not often the advice unless there has been significant trauma.

Let us guide you through your recovery process.


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