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Traditional Chinese Medicine

PS Acupuncture:


Five Element Acupuncture with Practitioner Pauline Smyth


P.S. Acupuncture is run by Pauline Smyth (Lic.Ac. MBAcC) a registered Acupuncturist.  Pauline specialises in Five Element Acupuncture – an ancient Chinese theory which recognises that to treat a person's health and/or wellbeing the individual's physical, mental and spiritual state must be taken into account to fully understand and treat the illness. Pauline's treatment approach to treatment is tailored and unique to each person, their situation, lifestyle and needs as no two patients are the same.

You could be struggling with an exhaustive list of physical ailments, feeling mentally blocked, stuck in the proverbial rut, or longing for a renewed sense of purpose & clarity.

Acupuncture could be the missing tool in your toolkit.


If you would like more information or would like to ask Pauline any questions about Acupuncture, please contact her at:


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