Price List 2021

Jill Kerr Physiotherapy Limited

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Pilates & Women's Health

Physiotherapy Telephone Consultation         £20

Physiotherapy Virtual Consultation                £40

Initial Face to Face Physio Consultation         £60

Face to Face Physiotherapy Consultation      £49/£55

Physiotherapy Home Visits                      from £79

Pilates One to One                                                £55

Hyaluronic Acid injections                                  £264

Women's Health Initial Consultation               £60

Women's Health Follow up                                  £50

Routine and Biomechanics Podiatry by Alex Duran

Chiropody, Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotics

Initial Chiropody Consultation                        £45

Follow up Chiropody                                           £40

Initial Biomechanics Assessment                   £65

Follow up Biomechanics                                    £30     

Fully customised orthotic pair made from flexible

and compressible material                               £105

Fully customised orthotic pair made from semi-rigid material                                                                 £200

Peter Mordaunt Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Mio Kiroiwa & Danny Mullens

Sport Massage                                                             £50 

Nutritional Therapy

Pauline Ferry

Nutrition Initial Consultation                               £80

Nutrition Follow up Consultation                        £50

Diet MOT                                                                     £28

Food Intolerance Testing                            From £185


We are looking for a Psychotherapist to join our team of Specialists within the clinic.

This is a great opportunity to see your clients in a bespoke health and wellness clinic in the heart of Morningside, Edinburgh.

Please contact Jill Kerr and arrange a visit to the clinic

0131 447 9990 to discuss the options available.

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