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Price List 2023

Jill Kerr Physiotherapy Limited

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Adult & Children), 1:1 Pilates , Strength Coaching, Mummy MOT & Women's Health

Jill Kerr: Ruth Bradley:  Jacqui Archer: 

Pamela Holland: Steven Cockburn

Physiotherapy Telephone Consultation         £25

Physiotherapy Virtual Consultation                £51

Initial Face to Face Physio Consultation        £68

(10% discount under 16s)

Face to Face Physiotherapy Consultation     £57/£68

(10% discount under 16s)

Physiotherapy Home Visits from-                    £87

Pilates One to One                                               £65

Physio Strength Coaching                                  £65

Hyaluronic Acid injections                                 £271

Women's Health Initial Consultation             £75

Mummy MOT                                                        £103

-Postnatal Check suitable for Mums 6 weeks+ 

Routine and Biomechanics Podiatry


Alex Duran

Chiropody, Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotics

Initial Chiropody Consultation                        £45

Follow up Chiropody                                           £40

Initial Biomechanics Assessment                   £70

Follow up Biomechanics                                    £28/£35     

Fully customised orthotic pair made from flexible

and compressible material                           £105/£120                          

Fully customised orthotic pair made from semi-rigid material                                                                   £200

Clinical & Therapeutic Massage 

Clinical, Deep Tissue/Sports & Holistic Massage

Steven Cockburn

Initial Clinical Massage Appt                       £68              (75 min appt- 60 min massage)


Clinical Massage follow up                           £58    

(60 min massage)


3 x 60 min massage                                        £159

(advance booking required)  


Express Clinical Massage                              £38

(30 min appt)                     


Traditional Five Element


 Pauline Smyth


Initial Acupuncture Consultation                    £50

(Up to 90mins)  


Acupuncture follow up appointment             £40

(Up to 50mins)


Dry Cupping                                                           £40

(Up to 30mins)  

Treatment Package (new clients only)           £100
Package includes initial appointment (1hr 30mins) & 2 follow up appointments (50 mins each) 

( £100 to be paid on first visit)




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