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Discover the New Normal for Physiotherapy?

2020 has been the strangest year for everyone in the world and it feels like we have been in a science fiction movie set. We could never have imagined a world where we could not travel or hug our closest family and friends.....

As we slowly return to the new normal following the 2020 lock which was aimed at preventing and slowing the spread of COVID-19, I take time to reflect on how it may have changed the Physiotherapy MSK services we can offer within our clinic.

The uncertainty of when we would ever be able to return to Face 2 Face Consultations was not pleasant and the fear of the unknown that each day brought, challenged everyone in our clinical and support teams both their Mental and Physical Well being.

As First Contact Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Practitioners working in the Private Sector we have to triage and assess all our clients for any Red Flags indicating a more serious pathology which might require urgent medical/surgical investigation or intervention.

Processing these assessments over the telephone or virtually rather than face to face was challenging and required careful and accurate history taking. We had concentrate to pay specific attention to detail, whilst being innovative on how to carry out a physical examination remotely. It was a steep learning curve for us all. Our physios now have developed lots of new ways to assess and clinically reason remotely to help diagnose your problem and prescribe bespoke advice and exercises for your specific rehab needs.

Our Physios Jill, Ruth and have had some excellent clinical outcomes with these virtual consultations and this consultation type will become an integral part of the services we can now offer our clients ongoing. It will allow us to connect with those away on business or holiday to start the road to recovery quicker and then follow up face to face on your return to the clinic within Morningside, Edinburgh.

We missed the face to face consultation to visualize the subtle changes in swelling, wasting and movement and the ability to palpate areas which may be tender to indicate or rule out certain pathology. Wearing the recommended PPE, and following a stringent protocol (as developed by our Governing Body the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) we are now able to assess and treat our clients again with appropriate manual therapy in addition to the resources we can offer remotely.

Will life ever have the freedom to return to the old normal ?????????

We do not know : however we are set to continue to be flexible to meet the varied needs of our clients: Telephone, Virtual or Face 2 Face.

Thank you to all our loyal clients for their continued support during this unprecedented times, we all really appreciated it........

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