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Rolling towards 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s a time to reflect on the year as a whole and remember the memories we have made during the last 12 months. On entering 2019 its worth considering which of those memories made you smile and feel happy. This will help you to define your goals for 2019. Undoubtedly there will have be sad and low moments too, as life is a roller coaster and we can only take control of our emotions and responses as we roll along.

When setting goals its important that they have to be achievable and not over ambitious- setting rigid New Year Resolutions seems to put more pressure on us and we need to think how often we have achieved and kept to those resolutions.

Perhaps setting mini goals or making little lifestyle tweaks would be easier and kinder to ourselves. It is definitely important to schedule in those activities that made you happy and smile this year- potentially those were spending time with family, loved ones and friends. Making time for these people is important to our Health and Wellbeing. Laughter is a natural health booster.

Here at Therap-Ease Treatment Centre, Edinburgh we can help you achieve and keep on track with your mini goal choices for your Health and Wellbeing.

Some mini goal examples:

Remember keep your goals small, and achievable. We need to be kind to ourselves and try to enjoy each day. So as we roll into 2019 take time to reflect, plan, smile and laugh!!! Cheers!!

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