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Sport and Deep Tissue Massage

Peter has been working in Edinburgh as a sports and deep tissue therapist for over 8 years now, spending most of that time working with physiotherapists in a clinical setting, but also working on-site at events and performances. Peter originally trained and worked as an engineer and has always been interested in how things work. He became interested in anatomy and physiology and has developed a passion for understanding how tissues become dysfunctional and how to effectively treat them to alleviate symptoms. Peter regularly attends professional development courses as well as reading books and journals to keep up to date with current developments.


Who can benefit?

Peter is comfortable working with clients from a variety of backgrounds and believes that Sports massage is not just for sports people but anyone who uses their body to perform tasks. Any activity can lead to an injury or build-up of tension. Peter regularly treats:

  • Amateur and professional sports people

  • Musicians  

  • People with work related issues

  • Parents that are sore from the demands of parenthood

  • People with chronic pain


What’s involved?

Chronic conditions and injuries: Peter always tries to work within your pain threshold and will seek feedback and give advice to help you relax. This can mean some discomfort but leads to a long lasting relief of symptoms. Peter uses a variety of techniques based around Deep -Tissue Massage, incorporating:

  • Trigger Point Therapy 

  • Myo-fascial Release

  • Dry Needling (acupuncture)

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

Maintenance and less specific issues: Peter can provide more generalised deep tissue work to help relax and rejuvenate tired overworked muscles, helping to prevent the build-up of chronic tension and aiding recovery from activity and exercise.

Aftercare: Peter can help you to plan how massage can fit into training or practice schedules and how to vary massage around performances and events to get the most out of it. Peter can also give advice about self-massage techniques and exercises you can do at home to help.

Associate Sport Massage Therapist Mio Kuroiwa

Mio Kuroiwa is a qualified Remedial & Sport Massage Therapist. She originally worked as a Medical Journal Editor in Japan but has always been interested in Health Science and Wellbeing. Mio has Diplomas in Remedial & Sports Massage as well as Swedish Massage from the Scottish Massage School and has provided massage treatments at Sports Events and a local football club.

Treatments are available for MSK problems, Sports Injuries, pre/post event, back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness/aches, repetitive strain injury, rehabilitation, maintenance, stress and fatigue.

Each treatment is tailored after an initial consultation and assessment, using various techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, mobilisations, soft tissue release and medical acupuncture. Mio's aim is to work with clients to assist with recovery and improve on their overall health and performance through massage.

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