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Physiotherapy Telephone and Virtual Consultations

COVID-19 is a challenge for everyone- from frontline and essential workers to those who have to self isolate. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy can now only be offered face to face following a triage with a Physiotherapist on the telephone or via virtual consultation. This is to protect the patient, the Physiotherapist and the general public by reducing number of face to face contact. However people do still injure themselves in this time and should take appropriate action to facilitate a timely and successful recovery to normal function.

Jill Kerr Physiotherapy here in Morningside, Edinburgh are now offering 20 minute consultations for £20 and 40 minute consultations for £40.

During these consultations we will take the history of your current injury and how it links to your daily life, ascertain your past and current medical history, medications. We may ask you to do certain movements to test your relevant musculoskeletal area eg Low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain.

The Physiotherapist will then explain what they hypothesise is going on to cause your problem and discuss the options of what you can do to speed up your recovery.

This may include advising you to speak to the GP or Pharmacist regarding medication or further investigation. Normally we would advice a review appointment where we can ensure that things are progressing in the correct direction and then adapt any exercises and progress your rehabilitation.

If you have just come out of a sling, a Beckham boot or a plaster or recently underwent Orthopaedic Surgery we can offer advice and if necessary schedule to see you and ensure your rehabilitation is a success. The NHS is being overstretched and all the normal MSK services have been stripped back to a bare minimum.

Our Physiotherapists Jill, Ruth and Jacqui want to help everyone we can during this time- you can book a 20 minute telephone or virtual consultation by phoning 0131 447 9990 or BOOK ONLINE.

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