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A Receptionist's Insights on Therap-ease Treatment Centre

Living locally, I have often walked past Therap-Ease in Morningside but didn’t really know much about it until I was fortunate enough to get a job there as part time receptionist. Working in the clinic has let me get to know all the various therapists, what they have to offer, plus I have also seen and heard the positive reactions of clients after their appointments.

Therap-Ease Health and Wellness Centre offers a variety of treatments from Physiotherapy and Pilates to Nutritional therapy and Mindfulness.

Having suffered from Plantar Fasciitis in both feet for about 8 years I decided to make myself an appointment with Toby Harris, our resident Podiatrist, who specialises in Sports Injuries and Biomechanical Assessment.

I had previously been to a Podiatrist and been given orthotics, but despite wearing them religiously for several years still often suffered from pain in my heels, plus I found it hard to get shoes that the orthotics fit into. I had basically decided that this was something I was just going to have to put up with.

Toby did a thorough assessment and told me that I had tight Achilles tendon which would be exacerbating the pain in my feet. He also said that my orthotics no longer supported my feet. Toby was able to fit orthotics then and there in the treatment session (normally it can take a weeks to 10 days to get them). He uses a vacuum to mould the orthotic to the shape of your feet. The orthotics were full length and softer and less bulky than my old ones. Toby also told me that the orthotics would not work on their own and gave me a series of exercises to do every day to stretch my Achilles. I left the clinic wearing my new orthotics which immediately felt very comfortable. I did the stretches every day, wore the orthotics, which I found much more comfortable and which fit much better inside my shoes, and within a few weeks could feel the difference.

On reflection I decided that, as my feet had been so sore for so long, I would make an appointment with our Complementary Therapist, Nancy, for Reflexology. This was a wonderful experience – very relaxing, despite the fact that parts of my feet were very tight and sore. Nancy chatted to me the whole time and told me what parts of the body corresponded to particularly sore parts of my feet. Each bit she highlighted to me was an area that I also had tension in e.g. my shoulders. When I left my feet felt wonderful.

5 months on from my appointment with Toby my heels are now virtually pain free and if I do get a twinge, stretching out my Achilles generally sorts it out. The orthotics are also still very comfortable.

In fact I am so pleased with my treatment and the results that I have made an appointment for my daughter to come in and see Toby and have recommended him to some friends and would recommend him to anyone out there who has painful feet.

The clinic covers all your health and Wellness needs from top to toe and the clinicians will all do their upmost best for you. I look forward to welcoming you into reception.

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