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Funky Walking Canes!!!

Why we now stock Funky Walking Sticks from Classic Canes at Therap-Ease.............

Within the world of fast moving lifestyles none of us young or old would willingly choose to use walking aids, however life deals us many challenges and we may all need the assistance of walking aids at some point in the future.

I have been a Physiotherapist for 27 years and have experienced the feeling and reluctance of patients and family members not wanting to be seen with a walking stick. At 95 years old my Granny (a hero of mine) was quoted to say to me

“walking sticks are for old people”. In comparison most individuals are more willing to be seen with crutches as these are seen as a temporary measure during rehabilitation to full fitness.

Times have changed and thankfully the commercial world has seen the opportunity of designing walking sticks/canes much more aesthetically appealing. There is now a walking cane to suit every occasion, from day wear, to evening wear and for that special occasion! Prices start from £25.00, which is cheaper than matching hats and handbags.

We have invested in a range of funky adjustable walking canes to suit every taste and occasion. Classic canes supply a huge variety of adjustable/ foldable canes to suppliers to spread the joy of making a walking stick a fun accessory rather than an unwanted necessity.

Physiotherapists worldwide are delighted that we can now make walking aids a positive talking point rather than an unwanted aid.

Imagine the discussions at a lunch/dinner/wedding or event of , where did you get that cane? It is really on trend! We were excited to sell a really cool cane recently to a Granny of the Bride to match her outfit… I can imagine the comments at the wedding! How times have changed!

These canes make perfect presents for all friends/ relations who use a walking aid and have never managed to upgrade from a traditional wooden or metal walking stick. An innovative gift for a loved one.

It was impossible for us to carry every cane within the available range as it is huge! If there is a specific colour/ design you are would prefer we place an order for you, we have a catalogue in reception.

Having your walking aids at the correct height will maximize the performance of your gait pattern. We can help give your current walking stick an MOT and ensure the safety of the rubber ferrules on the end. These do wear out and need replaced to give you traction on the ground. We carry a supply of these within the clinic.

Join us and treat walking canes as the new accessory to outfits and make them a fun additional accessory!!!!

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