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Nutritional Therapy- My Experience

Those who know me, will appreciate the fact that I have tried most diets on the planet with some to no effect long term positive effects. However now on the wrong side of 45, I decided it was time to make some positive life changes for my on going good health. No more paying a fiver and standing on scales in a room full of predominantly females being congratulated for losing a pound or cajoled into trying harder next week if no weight lost. Done that and got the tee shirt and been humiliated enough times.

So I made an appointment to see Pauline Ferry Nutritional Therapist to find out what solutions/ideas she could offer me. Initially I used the 15 minute free consultation to decide whether I felt this was something worth pursuing. I was very impressed at her knowledge, professionalism and friendly manner so booked myself in.

There is a long form to fill in prior to the appointment regarding lifestyle, medical history and eating habits. I confess to not telling the full truth on the 3 day normal eating diary, but did fess up during the hour appointment.

It became obvious that I was not in current good eating habits due to the daily schedule of tasks I do between working, home and well almost no me time. This has led to me snacking on high sugar foods, which give me me feel instant energy boosts, then waves of fatigue and guilt on eating those foods. Like many women my age hormones play a part in the way we store fat and respond to life's stresses. I felt totally relaxed and not embarrassed in my appointment. Pauline explained the chemistry behind the foods I was consuming and the effects they were having on my wellbeing as well as my fat distribution.

Pauline is putting together a bespoke eating plan for me to work around my hectic schedule, with some menu ideas and a list of which foods that are good choices and what to avoid! There will be enough flexibility to make it work when travelling away from home with work. It was so refreshing to hear her knowledge of how different foods affect us and how we feel.

I did not have to stand on scales, take my clothes off or be measured all over or get medical check ups before knowing if I could go onto this eating lifestyle. I found this refreshing.

I am excited and motivated to the subtle changes that will improve the nutrition to my system and make me a healthy individual inside and out.

Let's see if it stops my unhealthy tendencies and keeps my blood sugar on an even keel all day. If you are considering making changes to your diet I strongly recommend seeing an expert as in the long term it will be cheaper than the weekly visits to diet groups.

My review appointment is in 4 weeks but I have email access to Pauline between if needed. Please visit Pauline's page for more details on all the areas of nutritional therapy she covers.

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