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Reflections : Therap-ease Treatment Centre Door Opened One year Ago

Reflections : Therap-Ease Treatment Centre Door Opened One year Ago

It is hard to believe that Therap-Ease Treatment Centre on Morningside Road Edinburgh has been open for business for a full year.

TEMPUS FUGIT !!!(I can even remember some of my Latin from school)!

My dream of opening a multi-therapy clinic on a high street has become a reality. There have been many challenges along the way and I am sure there will always be more as we continue to grow and evolve the business.

If you are just embarking on setting up a new business don’t expect a smooth journey, as there will be bumps on the way. Keep focused and surround yourself with positive minded people to help you maintain your sanity! (John, Jake and Josh you are awesome and have been amazing!!!)

You will discover that there are many hidden costs in running a business too. It’s worth shopping around for services and suppliers to get the best deals on offer. Its funny how companies only give you better deals when you decide to move your business to another provider. What happened to loyalty?....

I keep asking myself….. Would I do it all again?

Yes I would but its been the most challenging year o my life and its probably best I couldn’t see into the future. However knowing what I do now I would probably make a better job of it next time!!

I want to acknowledge the Designer whose vision has meant the clinic still looks stunning and has a friendly inviting feel to it one year on. The compliments on the décor have become a daily occurrence. Thank you to Lindsay from Edinburgh interiors for her fabulous interior design talent and her patience as a friend.

We have such a variety of therapies on offer within the clinic. All the businesses running from the Treatment Centre are experienced and specialized professionals within their field. It is a pleasure to work in a team of such vast experience and knowledge.

The reception team: Dawn, Fiona, Geraldine, Josh and Marie provide a friendly service to all clients visiting the clinic and are a pleasure to work with.


The aim for the next year is to increase our Google rankings and get full occupancy in the treatment rooms. If you have been happy with the service from any of the practitioners in the clinic please give us feedback via our website, Google or our Facebook page.

If you have any suggestions for the clinic or are interested in renting treatment room space then please email us on

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the businesses within Therap-Ease Treatment Centre for their support over the last year and hope their businesses continue to grow and thrive over the next 12 months.

Therapy types of Businesses and services within the clinic currently: Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal & Women’s Health: Sports and Exercise Medicine Medical Consultant: Aesthetic Medicine Doctor: Sports Massage: Deep Tissue Massage: Therapeutic Massage: Holistic Massage: Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology: Counseling and Psychotherapy: Soprano ICE Edinburgh Laser Hair Removal: Semi Permanent Make-up: SXP Silver Jewellery

Cheers to the next twelve months! Guessing its still best that I cannot see into the future. I will update you next year!

Jill Kerr (Director)

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