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Pelvic Floor Exercises- What to Do and Why!

Dawn Waitt, Emily Goodlad and myself went to see Elaine Miller AN Expert in Incontinence Physiotherapist/Comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe last night!

Gusset Grippers: Laugh don’t leak

We wanted to share some of the information with you to help to improve your Pelvic Floor Strength.

Here are some of the facts from the Gusset Grippers show:

1:3 Women Wet Themselves

1:10 Men Wet Themselves

13% of Women Poo Themselves

20% of Men Poo Themselves

70% of people never seek help


Pelvic Floor exercises for Women and Men:

1. Imagine you are in an elevator with the man/woman of your dreams and you feel the urge to pass wind! Tighten the muscles around the back passage, squeeze and hold for 10 seconds (whilst still breathing) to prevent that wind escaping. That is your first exercise. (Squeeze and Lift for 10 seconds)

2. Now tighten and release that same action 10 times with a one second hold only with each one. (10 quick flicks)

3. Lastly try a 3 step lift of the muscles as if you were in an elevator going up one floor at a time and back down one floor at a time.

These exercises should be done 3 times a day every day for 3 months. You will notice improvement in bladder control.

Our Women’s Health Specialist Dawn Waitt can help with all other Women’s incontinence problems such as STRESS, URGE AND FREQUENCY INCONTINCENCE.

Lets help improve our pelvic floor control. Spread the word!

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