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Therap-Ease Fundraising Event 17th May

Can you remember the last time you said to yourself when you were unwell. “I wish I felt normal again” and then when you felt good you thought “I cannot remember how it was feeling unwell”???

Keeping your Health and Wellness is the key to a better life and is something we all tend to take for granted…… so often we strive and wish for material things that seem important to us at the time but are irrelevant or worthless if we are unable to enjoy them!

Challenges come along unexpectedly to all of us and when they affect our Health and Wellness we very quickly forget what it felt like to be our normal selves. The focus in the media and magazines tends to be about our outward appearance and beauty. However beauty comes from within and prioritising Your Health and Wellness can change the outward cosmetic appearance.

The purpose of our Event on 17th May is to share with you the many Health and Wellness services we have to offer in the clinic in Morningside and give you an opportunity to meet and chat to the Specialist therapists as we raise money for and awareness of Altezeimer/Dementia Scotland.

We are excited to have Professor Frank Gunn-Moore, Patron of Altzeimer Scotland and a leading expert in Dementia research at St Andrews University, who will be engaging us with his insight into Altzeimer/Dementia and the science behind it. The evening will raise funds for the charity through ticket sales and a silent auction.

There will be one off offers from the therapists for purchase on the evening and complimentary canapés and goodie bags for all who attend.

We have everything covered from head to toe and inside to out:

  • Jill Kerr Physiotherapy- Musculoskeletal/ Women’s Health/ One to One Pilates- Jill, Emily, Ruth, Craig and Dawn

  • Sports Medicine with Dr. Kirsten Ness

  • Harris Podiatry/Chiropody/Orthotics

  • Nutrition advice with Pauline Ferry

  • Sports Massage with Peter Mordaunt and Laura Merron

  • Holistic massage with Rachel Thomson

  • Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki with Nancy Williams-Foley

  • The Moment is Now for Mindfulness training/ Indian head massage

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Moira O’Fee

The Team at Therap-Ease looks forward to welcoming you at the event at Myreside Pavilion on the 17th May 6.30-8.30pm.

Let us help you look after Your Health and Wellbeing and make you the priority for once!!!

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