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Dealing with Injury...

Life sends us many challenges…. It is how we tackle these that shapes us as individual human beings.

Injury can be something we experience to varying degrees and can impact on all activities of daily living from basic tasks such as dressing, sleeping and walking. The Psychological aspects of injury cannot be separated from the Physical ones and therefore each of us will have a different experience when injured.

Injury never comes at the right time for us: we may be training for a Sporting Event or merely walking to work when an unexpected event occurs and we end up injured. This will change the next moment, hour, day or weeks for us. Understanding what is wrong with our body is important and having and understanding the timeline for your recovery and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists are well equipped to understanding the impact injury has on an individual, will help to set goals for your recovery, will explain what is occurring in your body as you heal and problem solve the tasks you are struggling with the most.

Goal setting is important through recovery as a time line for getting back to full function may seem far too distant for you to cope with Psychologically. It’s best to focus on what you can do, and how far you have come in your recovery than focusing on what you cannot do.

Don’t ignore injury as getting the optimum environment for promoting healing and recovery are important from the outset. Early diagnosis and advice will help to reduce your worry and allow you to be informed about the best way forward for your recovery. (Click here for POLICE and how to look after a recent injury).

When returning to full function we often worry that an injury may recur and that can affect our Psyche and cause us to move differently trying to save the previously injured part of our body. Visualizing your body being fully fit and potentially better than before can help.

Your rehabilitation regime should cover all the activities you need to return to and have exercises that are specific for the demands that will be put on your body. Lots of balance and proprioception exercises are often needed to ensure your body’s natural response time to outside forces is back to super speed at an unconscious level.

Jill Kerr Physiotherapy are here to help you at any stage of injury from the day off injury to total recovery and return to full function.

We will help maximize your potential!!! Treating you Better!


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