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Dr David Jack Egyptian Facial- My Experience

I imagine many of you like me wish you had appreciated and looked after your skin when you were in your 20s and 30s. It is only when we begin to notice the increase in wrinkles and lack of skin tone that we turn more to thinking about how great it would be to turn back the clock…..

Invasive action of ‘botox’ injections and/or fillers is something I cannot afford financially and am too apprehensive to try. However when I read Dr. David Jacks article a few months ago in the Daily Mail about the Egyptian facial I was keen to give it a go. Unfortunately my lecturing commitments meant I was away when Dr. Jack was in clinic with us at Therap-Ease treatment Centre, Edinburgh.

On returning from summer holiday I booked myself into his clinic and took before and after pictures to share with you. My skin care regime is erratic at the best of times and the odd facial I have had in the past whilst being a pleasant and indulgent experience has never led to dramatic or lasting changes to my skin.

My skin is naturally dry which was a bonus growing up as spots were a rarity.

Dr. Jack has a relaxing manner and is good at putting clients at ease, he is totally professional and good at explaining the process and what to expect to feel during the session. I confess to being slightly anxious incase it was painful, as I am not known for my high pain threshold (ask the ladies who have waxed my eyebrows for confirmation of this).

After cleaning my skin Dr. Jack applied a fruit based glycolic acid with a brush over the face and below the chin. This was left on for 6 minutes whilst he ensured I was comfortable, and used brush stroking of the skin during that time. My skin felt very tingly and slightly itchy during that time. After the 6 minutes he neutralized the acid with an alkaline spray, which was very soothing. Once the skin was dried and cleaned with alcohol he used a scalpel to gently remove the dead top layer of skin and the superficial facial hairs. Despite my anxiety this was a very pleasant sensation of a blunt scraping, no discomfort at all. I liked this bit!!! The whole process was around half and hour and I felt completely safe.

Vitamins and creams were applied to reintroduce nutrients and hydration to the skin. I was advised on wearing SPF for next few days and that the best benefits would be visible within a week.

My face felt great immediately and despite being warned I may notice my face redder for a couple of days, that did not happen and my skin was glowing without make-up.

One of the immediate benefits was the removal of those annoying fine white hairs that seem to keep appearing on my chin. My skin has felt smoother and very much brighter. The removal of the outer layer of skin can help to reduce the depth of lines/wrinkles.

The before and after pictures are: make up free and with make up prior to the facial: day 1 after the facial and day 7. I let you make your own judgement if you can notice any differences….

Would I do it again? Most definitely!!

£125 to get a Plastic Surgeon performing a 30 minute procedure, which made a definite difference to the texture and radiance of my skin, is a no brainer. An Egyptian facial is not recommended to be repeated more than every three months and therefore works out as good value financially.

To find out more treatment options Dr David Jack does in our clinic please visit his page on our website or his website. Dr David Jack is next in the clinic on Sunday 27th September.

Call 0131 447 9990 to make an appointment.

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