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New at Therap-Ease – personal mindfulness coaching for stress relief, well-being and health

There’s a lot of positive commentary in the media just now about the benefits of ‘mindfulness’ – hardly surprising, as research reveals more and more evidence that practising mindfulness can:

help reduce stress and anxiety

improve your focus and attention, and

encourage general feelings of well-being and happiness.

From August, you’ll have the opportunity to get a personal insight into the many benefits of mindfulness when Therap-Ease welcomes mindfulness teacher Gillian Duncan to the clinic. Gillian will be offering personal, one-to-one mindfulness coaching every Thursday, with a choice of individual sessions and multi-session packages.

We asked Gillian for a quick introduction to mindfulness and some of its benefits.

What is mindfulness and how can it improve our lives?

“Mindfulness is about paying attention to your moment-by-moment experience in a way that is non-judgmental, accepting and kind,” Gillian says. “The techniques are simple, but their effects can be profound. Modern mindful meditation is a great life skill that can be used at work and at home. It can help improve your relationships, your health and your memory. ”

In what ways can mindfulness improve your health?

“Scientific research has shown that practising mindful meditation decreases stress and strengthens your immune system. Regular mindfulness practice actually changes the size of important parts of your brain, improving your memory and making you more resilient to stress, for instance. Mindfulness can also help people cope with things like chronic pain, tinnitus, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.”

How can mindfulness help with relationships?

“Being mindful of your thoughts and feelings in the few moments before you react to a difficult situation, for example, gives you more choices about the way you react in that situation,” explains Gillian.

“This is about more than just ‘taking a deep breath’ before you respond to a hurtful comment. You use mindfulness to notice your feelings and notice why you are finding the situation difficult. Then you can choose the best way forward for you in that situation, whatever that may be, instead of just reacting automatically in the same ways you have in the past.

“Mindfulness gives you the skill and the space to try a new, different approach, giving you the chance to improve your relationships at home and at work.”

And there’s Mindful Indian Head Massage on offer too...

Gillian will also be offering Mindful Indian Head Massage therapy, a wonderful combination of mindfulness techniques with massage to relieve stress and tension in the muscles and joints of your head, face, neck and shoulders. A treatment will last about an hour, take place sitting in a chair, fully clothed, and is ideal for relieving stress, tension, headaches and sinusitis. The experience is deeply calming and relaxing, and the mindfulness techniques used during your treatment encourage you to tune in to valuable sensory feedback, giving you a deeper and more insightful experience.

To find out more about Gillian...

... read about her here ......

To find out more about mindfulness coaching and Mindful Indian Head Massage at Therap-Ease... Gillian on or pick up a leaflet from the Therap-Ease reception desk.

Call Therap-Ease on 0131 447 9990 to make an appointment for personal mindfulness coaching or Indian Head Massage – and keep an eye on our Offers page for some excellent introductory offers coming soon from Gillian.

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