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What is Holistic Massage?

What is Holistic Massage?

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Holistic massage is a deceptively simple but powerful form of healing, involving touch, movement and energy, qualities long associated with well-being and good health. It has been practised in one form or another for thousands of years. Today it is recognized increasingly as a powerful aid to the body's own healing mechanisms, it has a profoundly calming effect on the neuromuscular system bringing about deep relaxation and restoring energy. It is used both as an adjunct to conventional medicine and as a therapeutic tool in its own right for maintaining the body's natural balances.


The massage treatment

Holistic massage as practiced at Therap-Ease is the gentle, rhythmical stroking and kneading of the body's soft tissues, soothing away tensions and relaxing and balancing mind and body. With this approach the whole person is treated, rather than just the symptoms of disease, anxiety or excessive stress.

This is achieved by the use of relaxation techniques, the playing of calming music and we provide a caring and informal atmosphere, and most importantly, listening carefully to the client and attending to their needs in a holistic manner.


The effects of massage

You will immediately notice some of the effects of massage: this gentle therapy relaxes the body, releases muscle tension, and the rhythmical, soothing nature of the massage strokes helps your mind to unwind and become still, leaving you calm and refreshed.

Massage aids our ability to deal with stress. Excessive stress is a major contributor to disease and general ill health. It can cause energy to be blocked, muscles to tense up and remain tensed (in the ‘fight or flight' reaction) and it can bring about mental and emotional anxieties and a feeling of being unable to cope. As massage strokes release muscular tension and calm the mind, the effects of stress are eased away and the body is able to re-balance itself.


After a treatment many people report improved joint mobility and feeling taller as well as the common sense of well-being and calm.

Call Therap-Ease to make an appointment on 0131 447 9990.

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