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Marathon Running Physio 1:1 Pilates

With the lighter nights and Spring weather now well and truly here it can only mean one thing- Marathon Season is here!

Whether you’re an experienced runner or if this is your first season we wanted to explore the benefits of using Pilates as part of your training program to get you over that line as fast as you can and hopefully minimizing any risk of injuries! Undertaking training for any endurance event will require lots of your time and discipline. With lots of information and options on the best tips and tricks for training we think you should consider adding Pilates in to work on your endurance,

strength and flexibility.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise form that has evolved over the decades but key principals promote core strength, balance, stability and good alignment. What this means for running is we aim to give you the best posture to keep you running as efficiently as possible. The body is a complex kinetic chain and requires a whole body effort to get you from start to finish when running. Pilates can be adapted and modified to accommodate any injuries or to actively rehabilitate any injuries.

Why is this useful for my running?

Exercise prescribed in Pilates will focus on the key muscle groups used in running but will also identify those smaller often neglected muscles. Smaller muscles will stabilize joints and help to reduce the workload of the bigger muscles which help create a more balanced and efficient system. If you find your bouncing from one injury to another it might be worthwhile, scaling your running back to build up in an improved way. Pilates compliments running and can be use in conjunction with a return to running program. With our Physiotherapy knowledge of injuries and rehabilitation this combination can work well to return to safely to your running as quickly as possible.

What happens during a 1:1 Pilates session?

During your first 1:1 a whole body screen will happen to identify any areas which aren’t working as efficiently as they could be. Then after a discussion about these we will start a program of exercises to build and improve any areas needing most attention. Pilates is a progressive program so it can be useful to even use this to identify problems before then occur or to improve existing strength. Exercises are adapted to suit your needs and we increase the difficultly to ensure we keep you working hard. Pilates can be challenging and it always feels great to notice your progression and improvements!

You can attend a 1:1 at any stage to improve your core for running if injured or not. No program is ever the same, we understand everyone’s schedule is different so we can work with you if it’s a session once or twice a week or every couple of weeks.

To Book a 1:1 Pilates you can give us a call us on 0131 447 9990 or Book Online

If you want to chat with Ruth before booking your 1:1 just get in touch by phone or email the clinic at

Check out these Famous Athletes using Pilates:

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