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Ladies Night!

On 17th April we hosted our first themed open evening at Therap-ease to share and promote some of the therapy businesses that run within the clinic.

  • Women's health by Jill Kerr Physio

  • Semi-Permanent make up and make up demonstrations by Lula-Belle

  • Soprano ICE laser hair removal

  • SXP Designs Silver Jewellery, Accessories & Cashmere Wraps

Do you remember when you were a teenager, hosting a party for your friends? You spent days preparing everything, getting ready and then worrying no one would show up on the night?

Well at 7pm last night that was how I was feeling. Everyone was prepped, the bubbly was chilled, and the clinic was looking great and then 30 minutes till kick off. Each of the businesses had donated amazing prizes for the free raffle but what if nobody came......??

However, 7.30pm came and immediately ladies starting to arrive so phew....!! Panic over and we got the bubbles flowing after battling with a couple of stubborn corks.....

This is what transpired in each room!

Room 1 - Women's Health

Women's health is a difficult service to promote so we are using a ‘Sssshhh pass it on’ like a secret theme to try and spread the word regarding stress and urge incontinence. I was standing in for DAWN who is the physiotherapy specialist in Women's Health and I have to openly apologise to Dawn because I was so busy getting drinks for ladies that I did not spend enough time explaining what we can do to help.The government recognises that the problem of stress or urge incontinence is growing and women are often too embarrassed to discuss their leaky bladder or the fact they visit the loo 15 times a day. There are many things that can help and during a confidential consultation with DAWN she can work out the best plan for you.So please ladies spread the word that here at Therap-ease we have a Women's Health Service, Shhhh pass it on........

Room 2 - Lula Belle

It would have been difficult to give a live demonstration of Semi-Permanent make up as this requires time and deep concentration. However Lucia is also a fully qualified beautician with a real artistic flare.Lucia did live demonstrations of full face make up, for 3 ladies (of different ages), and I think all would agree, with outstanding results highlighting their features.Whispers were going round that primer seemed to be a magic ingredient to ensuring your make-up lasts and stays on during an evening out. I will certainly be booking in to get my makeup done by Lucia before my next night out, or weddings we are going to later this year.Whilst demonstrating her skills Lucia was able to discuss aspects of the Semi-Permanent make up with the ladies. Eyebrows appear to be where most queries were coming from.Whether you have sparse eyebrows, no eyebrows or very fair hairs, then Lula Belle will have a solution for you. The shape and colour will be designed with your specific needs in mind. A patch test is needed prior to treatment to ensure no allergies to the products. Before and after pictures are amazing. And no, it doesn't hurt!!!!

Room 3 - Soprano ICE Edinburgh

Well there was definitely a real buzz going around about this high tech new, virtually pain- free laser hair removal system. The ladies were able to have a patch test done (after completing a consultation form) to get a feel of the machine and learn how it works. The chat afterwards went like this ' it felt cool to touch the machine' to ' that is amazing' as the ladies could not believe that something which would almost permanently remove unwanted hair was now comfortable. Personally I have had a test patch and just need to get myself booked in to be ready for summer holidays. Not getting waxed or needing a razor on holiday will be revolutionary for me. The laser is absorbed by hair pigmentation and often only needs 6 sessions to be hair free. All areas of the body can be treated providing there are no contra indications.Believe it or not being smooth skinned is popular with guys now too as hairy chests and backs are not in vogue. Imagine giving that as a birthday gift?!

Room 4 - SXP designs

Room 4, which is our talking therapies room was transformed into an Aladdin’s Cave of silver jewellery, cashmere wraps, belts and scarves.Basically there is nothing not to like and personally I had to keep leaving the room for fear of buying everything! The jewellery is made in Mexico and Lesley has designed some of the pieces herself and stunning is the word. I have a few pieces of SXP jewellery already and every time I wear it someone always compliments it.The cashmere wraps were being tried on by all, and being totally honest, the shape, colours and cut of these were flattering to all body shapes (even mine) and they felt sumptuous. I will definitely purchase one, but the big decision is which colour?

Scarves were flying off the stands because they were very affordable with gorgeous designs and colours to choose from. Lesley was giving scarf tying lessons and it's amazing what you can do with a scarf…!

So all in all our first taster of an open night went with a bang and I would like to thank the reception staff at the clinic for helping make it a success, all the businesses that were involved on the night and all the ladies who attended. Enjoy your free prizes and look out for our next night that will have sporting theme to it!!!!

Jill Kerr

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