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Why acupuncture?

Well, it's all about Qi.....

Pronounced like the 'chee' in cheese - Qi is the organisational energy of the body. It has been there since before you were born, when the DNA of your father merged with the egg of your mother and caused a big bang - the first effect of which was to stop further DNA mixing with the egg by making an electric field around the fertilised egg - and you came into being. 

This energy stayed with you, organised the shape of your bones, organs and skin (told them all what shape to be and how to stay separate from each other while DNA filled in the details). And it is still deep within.

Qi flows in your body just like blood flows through your veins and food flows through your gut. It is just that modern science hasn't paid attention, much.

Qi is electric and Chinese medicine sees the body energetically, electrically. This is quite different to what we're used to, but it is getting better accepted in science these days. And there's a lot of electricity in your body. Your heart is electric (we measure it with ECGs), your brain is electric, your nervous system is electric, your fascia is piezoelectric (complex word). Even your skin has an electric quality to it, and your liver and kidneys too.

I am an elecQician. When the lights go out in your house, you call in the electrician. When electricity flows too much, not at all, or in the wrong places inside you, you call the acupuncturist.

What can acupuncture help with?


Poor Qi health is felt in many ways, for example:

  • pain, chronic (longterm) and acute (sudden): necks, backs, hips and everywhere else too

  • poor function: digestive issues (pee & poo), menstrual issues (cramps and irregularity), breathing problems

  • coughs, throat issues and colds, chronic and otherwise, even long covid

  • energy (did we mention you are an energy being? - depression (lack of inspiration or uplifting energy), anxiety (too much energy in the wrong places) and sleep problems (energetic rhythms messed up)

  • headaches and hyperactivity

  • and many more!


In Chinese medicine, these are all issues of Qi. We just have to figure out what's gone wrong. 


Come see if I can help you balance your Qi flow. A treatment will normally take between three and six sessions, but could be longer or shorter depending on complexity. You'll know it when it flows right. It feels good - like a glass of wine, a good song or a beautiful sunset. 


I am your health consultant to help you reset your own natural health. We both have a roll. Let's work together. Your body wants it, and you probably want it too.

with Dhugal Meachem
ERYT-500, YACEP, Lic. Ac.

Certifying yoga teachers since 2015, Dhugal is an expert in the anatomy, practice and philosophy of Yin yoga and the Chinese paradigm of health. He calls for a simplifying of a balance of our heart-mind health through gentle practice, humor and knowledge.

He studied acupuncture at SSOMA (Scientific School of Scientific Acupuncture) with Dr. Dan Keown in Tunbridge Wells, U.K.

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