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Injections for Arthritic Joints


The literature on corticosteroid injections for arthritic joints has mixed opinion on the benefits to the joint in case of degenerative change and has many potential side effects.

A few years ago a new injectable product was introduced to the market with a different function and aim from corticosteroid.


Hyaluronic acid is a component of our joints synovial fluid giving it its viscoelasticity! This means it helps the joints stay lubricated and can have shock absorbing properties as well as nourishing the cartilage. This is especially important in weight bearing joints such as the knee joint.

Joints with arthritic degeneration lose this viscoelasticity and are less lubricated, and we are unable to take the shock forces as well and that makes the cartilage more vulnerable. This can lead to further degeneration and pain.

Injections of hyaluronic acid helps to promote the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid again and improve the joint function and as a result reduce pain. This improvement can last for several months.

Jill Kerr Physiotherapy provides these injections to our clients with osteoarthritic, painful joints.

Emily Goodlad is an experienced Injection Therapist and can give these anatomically guided into the joints. Providing there are no contra indications to the treatment you can have the assessment and treatment in one session.

Ostenil PLUS is a newer product of Hyluronic acid on the market and is the product we are using.

CLICK HERE for a patient information sheet on OSTENIL PLUS!!!

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